In this section we will answer to all the basic questions you will have before you buy any products , if you have any questions please Contact us.

1.Do we provide service for iOS or Android?

We provide service for both iOS and Android.

2.What Games and services do we provide?

Games: MK Mobile, Injustice

Service: Currency (Coins,  Alliance Credits, Nth Metal Currency), Players, Gears. We also provide  Gear shards, Last laugh tickets and other stuff available in the game.

For Mk Mobile only Equipments.

3.Is this a Scam?

Nope. Its 100% legit. When you order a product you wont be asked to send the payment immediately. After you place the order we will contact you through email and answer to all the questions. We will also provide you a sample and if you are satisfied we can continue with the process or you can cancel the order anytime.

4. How do I Place an order?

You can select or search for the product you like to buy. Select the Operating system (iOS/Android) and add the product to the cart. Click on checkout you will be asked to register or log in, its completely free. Make sure that the Email address you enter is correct because we will contact you on that email. Once you place the order you will get a confirmation email about the order.

5. How do I do the payment ?

We normally use PayPal or Paytm for the payment method.

6. Will I get banned ?

The service we provide is completely safe, the chances are very low. All the products added on this website is first tested then added for sale.

You can check our Terms & Conditions page for more details.

If you have any more questions please Contact us.